The Case of the Missing Baggage
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From 23:00 on May 31st to 02:00 the next day, teachers from the International Police Education and Training College found themselves waiting for two guests, officials from Moldova’s National Bureau, to arrive for the Seminar on Counter Terrorism in the Developing World. The plane they had embarked on landed at 00:15 of June 1st, however two hours had passed and they still had not appeared! The teachers waited and waited, until at last the two officials came out of the airport, both with grave looks on their faces. When the teachers discovered what had happened, they went directly to Baggage Claim to inquire in detail. The China Eastern Airlines staff on duty said that the two officials had changed aircraft twice, the last time flying from Beijing to Kunming. Taking it for granted that their baggage would be automatically transferred to their flight Kunming, they did not realize that it was actually their responsibility to claim the baggage in Beijing and re-check it for the domestic flight! Only when they arrived in Kunming did they report the issue, so though China Eastern Airlines offered to help them find their luggage, the fact was that if the bags were somehow lost, the airline was not responsible.

On hearing this news, the two officials were dumbfounded—there was a lot of valuable material packed that was intended for the workshop. If the luggage was lost—it was too much to even think about!

The next morning, the teachers reported the case to Mr. Hu Jing Yong, the director of the department. Director Hu asked Mr. Dong Chengwei to settle the problem. Fortunately, after much effort, Dong Chenwei was able to recover their baggage!

Seeing their “lost and found” luggage, the two foreign officials were overwhelmingly surprised and gave repeated thumbs-up along with many thanks, saying that the teachers of Yunnan Police College have a great sense of responsibility and do truly outstanding work.

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