• 282016.09

    Mr. Guo Bao, Deputy Director of the Yunnan Department of Public Security Attends Opening Ceremony of 2016 Bangladesh Seminar on Public Security and Counter-Terrorism.

    ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The 2016 Bangladesh Seminar on Public Security and Counter-Terrorism was held from April 2-23 (21 days)at Yunnan Police College. This is the first meeting specially offered to Bangladesh, in which 20 police officers from different police forceswere trained. Mr. MD Daud Ali, Consul General of the Consulate of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in Kunming; Mr. Guo Bao,Deputy Director of Yunnan Public Security and President of Yunnan Police College;

  • 282016.09

    The Case of the Missing Baggage

    ‍‍From 23:00 on May 31st to 02:00 the next day, teachers from the International Police Education and Training College found themselves waiting for two guests, officials from Moldova’s National Bureau, to arrive for the Seminar on Counter Terrorism in the Developing World. The plane they had embarked on landed at 00:15 of June 1st, however two hours had passed and they still had not appeared! The teachers waited and waited, until at last the two officials came out of the airport, both w

Established in 1950, Yunnan Police College has enjoyed different periods of time, with different names as The Public Security School of Ministry of Public Security of Kunming Military Management Committee of PLA, the Public Security School of Yunnan Province, the People’s Police School of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Advanced Public Security College, etc. Our college was upgraded to an undergraduate college in 2003, and officially changed its name as Yunnan Police College. ......

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